What Does Immigration Law Cover?


Immigration law covers a wide range of issues. It affects people from all over the world who are coming to the United States to seek better opportunities or reunite with their families.

Citizens and permanent residents can petition the government for visas for their family members. However, the process is complicated and can take several years to complete.


Every year, individuals seek asylum in the United States because they have left their native country and fear persecution or harm there. They must prove that they have a well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Asylum allows refugees to stay in the United States and eventually become naturalized citizens. They may also qualify to apply for work authorization and to bring their family members over to the United States with them.

If you are trying to help your relatives move to the United States, or if you want to become a citizen yourself, a Duluth immigration attorney can offer support and guidance. They will help you complete the necessary applications in a timely manner so that you can realize your goals as soon as possible. The firm stays up to date on changes in immigration policy, and they are knowledgeable about how these changes affect the cases of their clients.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

The government established DACA in 2012 to protect individuals who came to the United States as children from deportation and to grant them work authorization for two-year periods. The policy also allows DACA recipients to apply for social security numbers and driver’s licenses. They are not permitted to travel internationally for purely recreational purposes, but they can request advance parole if they have a family emergency or other compelling reason.

An immigration lawyer in Duluth GA from Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can explain the eligibility requirements for DACA and assist with the application process. It is critical that all paperwork is properly prepared to avoid delays or other problems later on.

In addition, a DACA attorney can advise clients about how to proceed if they have a criminal record, including whether it would qualify as a significant misdemeanor and thus make them ineligible for the program. Some criminal convictions could also lead to deportation, so it is important for anyone at risk of being removed to seek DACA.


Naturalization is the process by which legal permanent residents become American citizens. This allows people to travel freely on an American passport, vote in public elections, serve on a jury, apply for certain government jobs, and sponsor family members for citizenship. To qualify for naturalization, applicants must meet a number of requirements, including a minimum period of residence as a legal permanent resident, a basic knowledge of United States history and civics, good moral character, and an attachment to the principles and ideals of the Constitution.

An immigration attorney can help people navigate the complex laws and regulations associated with the citizenship application process. They can also provide guidance regarding the necessary documentation and assist with the preparation of Form N-400, as well as conduct an interview and administer a citizenship test. In addition, they can help applicants respond to any requests for evidence (commonly known as RFEs) from USCIS that may delay the process.


Millions of non-citizens are living in the United States without lawful immigration status. When the government believes a person poses a threat to public safety or border security, they can initiate removal proceedings (formerly called deportation) in immigration court. Those who are deported will not be allowed to return to the United States for several years, if ever.

If you are facing removal proceedings it is essential to work with a skilled and experienced attorney. The first hearing in removal proceedings is a master calendar hearing, at which the judge reviews the notice to appear, verifies that you have an attorney, and determines whether there are any grounds for relief from deportation.

Your immigration lawyer will ask the judge to cancel your removal if you have been continuously physically present in the US for over 10 years, are of good moral character, and can demonstrate that your removal would cause extreme hardship to you, a spouse, or children who are citizens or lawful permanent residents. If your request is denied, it may be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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