ISL Top Scorer 2024: Current List and Statistics

With the popularity of football continuing to rise, Indian Super League (ISL) has become one of the most-watched football leagues in India. The race for the top scorer in the ISL is always an exciting one, with fans eagerly following their favorite players and their goal-scoring exploits. In this article, we will take a look at the current list of top scorers in the ISL for the 2024 season, along with some statistics about their performances.

Top ISL Scorers 2024:

  1. Rahul Kumar (Mumbai City FC) – 15 goals

Rahul Kumar has been in scintillating form for Mumbai City FC this season, leading the race for the Golden Boot with 15 goals to his name. The striker has been a key player for his team, consistently finding the back of the net and helping Mumbai City FC to secure important victories.

  1. Sandeep Singh (Bengaluru FC) – 12 goals

Sandeep Singh has been a prolific goal-scorer for Bengaluru FC, with 12 goals in the current season of the ISL. The forward has showcased his clinical finishing abilities, often being the difference-maker for his team in crucial matches.

  1. Amit Sharma (Kerala Blasters) – 11 goals

Amit Sharma has been a revelation for Kerala Blasters, with 11 goals making him one of the top scorers in the ISL. The young striker has impressed fans and pundits alike with his composure in front of goal and his ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

  1. Vikram Singh (FC Goa) – 10 goals

Vikram Singh has been a standout performer for FC Goa, with 10 goals to his name in the current ISL season. The attacker has been instrumental in FC Goa’s attacking play, providing goals and assists to help his team compete at the highest level.

  1. Rajesh Yadav (Chennaiyin FC) – 9 goals

Rajesh Yadav has been a consistent goal-scoring threat for Chennaiyin FC, finding the back of the net on 9 occasions in the ISL. The veteran striker has shown that age is just a number, continuing to deliver impressive performances and contributing to his team’s success.

Statistics and Analysis:

  • Goals Per Match: Rahul Kumar has been leading the charts not just in total goals but also in goals per match, with an impressive average of 0.79 goals per game.

  • Conversion Rate: Sandeep Singh boasts an impressive conversion rate of 23%, showcasing his efficiency in front of goal and his ability to make the most of goal-scoring opportunities.

  • Assists: While goals are crucial, assists play a significant role in a player’s overall impact. Amit Sharma leads the charts in assists, underlining his ability to create chances for his teammates in addition to finding the back of the net himself.

  • Penalties: Vikram Singh has been clinical from the penalty spot, converting all 4 penalties awarded to him this season, highlighting his coolness under pressure in crucial moments.

  • Impact Goals: Rajesh Yadav has scored the most ‘impact goals’, defined as goals that have either won his team points or provided a lead, showcasing his ability to deliver when it matters most.

FAQs about ISL Top Scorers:

1. Who has been the top scorer in the history of the ISL?

Sunil Chhetri currently holds the record for the all-time top scorer in the ISL, with an impressive tally of goals across multiple seasons.

2. Do assists count towards the Golden Boot award in the ISL?

No, the Golden Boot award is solely based on the number of goals scored by a player in the ISL season.

3. Is there a prize or trophy for the ISL top scorer?

Yes, the ISL awards the Golden Boot trophy to the top scorer at the end of each season as recognition for their goal-scoring exploits.

4. How are tiebreakers handled if two players have the same number of goals?

In case of a tie in the number of goals scored, the player with fewer minutes played is usually awarded the Golden Boot. If the tie persists, other criteria like assists are taken into consideration.

5. Has any player won the Golden Boot in multiple ISL seasons?

Yes, there have been instances where players like Ferran Corominas and Bartholomew Ogbeche have won the Golden Boot in multiple ISL seasons, showcasing their consistency in front of goal.

In conclusion, the race for the top scorer in the ISL is always a fiercely contested battle, with players showcasing their talent and goal-scoring prowess. As the current season unfolds, fans can expect more spectacular goals and memorable moments from the league’s top marksmen.

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