are edibles legal in michigan?


There are many questions to ask when you are looking to buy edibles. They may be legal in my state, but what would happen if I was pulled over in another state? What happens if I get pulled over? Am I allowed to bring these into a federal building or an airport? These were all very important questions for those of us living in states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and the others where recreational cannabis is legal. In Michigan, where medical cannabis has only been approved, we have patiently waited for the governor’s signature on the law. It’s going to happen on June 1st, and now that we’ve all waited patiently for it. We’re looking at what happens when recreational cannabis comes to the state.

So What Are edibles, And Why are edibles legal in Michigan? 

One of the greatest things about marijuana legalization is that you can buy edibles. Edibles are any form of cannabis, be it a brownie, gummy bear, or even soda pop. Edibles allow the body to absorb the cannabinoids more slowly and, in some cases, give them more relief than smoking. Cannabis-infused products can help patients who need a different intake method.

Edibles are nothing new to those in the medical community who use them to treat cancer patients and people living with epilepsy with very positive results. How they will be sold and how much flexibility you get with them has changed.

What Does It Mean To Be edibles legal in michigan? 

When we say that edibles are legal in Michigan, we mean that there will be rules around them. They will be regulated and taxed, and it’s up to each municipality in the state to decide whether they will allow dispensaries to sell edibles. Then those dispensaries will have to obtain a license from the state for a Medical Marihuana Facility License, whether for recreational or medicinal sales. Then there will be another license for the manufacture of edibles themselves. This system is not unlike how alcohol is handled now with a Liquor Control Board or ABC, as most of us know it.

But How Are Edibles Regulated In Michigan? 

There will be rules and regulations for edibles. There will have to be tamper-proof, child-resistant, and resealable packaging. That packaging can’t be attractive to children and can’t suggest that the product is candy or treat. The products must contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC per serving. So they can only sell up to 100mgs of THC in a single package and no more than 2,000mgs total per package. They must also have the product’s net weight listed so you know exactly how much you eat.

There will be a few things that are not included in edibles. These items will still be considered drugs by the state. So items such as gelatin, sweetener starch, and oils won’t be allowed in edibles. There will also be 30 servings per package, but that limit goes up to 100 if you include other cannabis products such as tinctures.

What Are The Benefits of Edibles?

While some people may think that edibles are the last thing they want to take because they taste bad, they have some benefits. One of which is that you don’t have to smoke them. Smoking can irritate your lungs and throat, especially if you have health issues like asthma or lung infections. Also, for those suffering from nausea or vomiting, taking edibles can help alleviate those symptoms. That’s why many cancer patients take edibles before or during chemo treatments. They relax the bowels and help with any pain caused by the treatment, making it easier on everyone involved.

Are Edibles Legal in Michigan For Recreational Use?

That’s a big question that everyone is asking. There have been a lot of states that have allowed the use of cannabis, but they have not had edibles on the market. Some have tried to regulate it but have quickly changed their mind realizing that it’s impossible to control what people are doing with it. When we look at the states which do allow edibles, like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. We see that their decisions were well thought out and that they are doing fine after almost three years of having safe edibles for sale. It gives us hope for the future when recreational cannabis becomes legal in Michigan soon.


There has been a lot of debate about marijuana legalization in the past few years, and many people who have tried it say that it has helped them significantly. But like with anything else, nothing is without risk. When buying edibles, especially if you buy more than one of the same kind of edible. You need to keep track of what you are doing with it. If anyone says that they don’t know what they are doing, be very careful and watch out for any black market drug dealers who may try to sell some other drugs along with your cannabis-based product.


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