All You Need To Know About New Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill

In 2016 Michigan voters passed a law allowing medical marijuana. This article outlines some of the changes being made to the law and what this means for one’s personal rights. This is an informative article about Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill because it outlines what changes are happening and why the change was necessary. Also, it discusses how much people will be able to grow under the new bill and when they can use their plants. Overall, this article is informative because it outlines changes in Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill and other impacts that could occur if these provisions were not passed into law. Such as price increases in dispensaries due to high demand from more people wanting access.

What Are The Main Changes That The New Michigan Medical Marijuana Bill?

The main changes are that the new michigan medical marijuana bill gives more people the right to grow plants and possess usable marijuana. There were two different versions of bills being voted upon. One version would have allowed the state to give dispensaries, cultivators, and sellers licenses. Another version outlined how much each person could grow for themselves without a license. The bill that passed is closer to the second version because it does not allow the state to issue licenses but does now allow more people to grow independently based on their personal needs. The law also includes many other minor changes, such as allowing people to have more plants in their homes to make edibles. It will enable caregivers to offer patients over 21 aunts to their plants and allow patients to have more usable marijuana.

How Much Will The New michigan medical marijuana bill Allow Cultivators To Grow Independently?

The new michigan medical marijuana bill allows an individual over the age of 21 to grow 12 marijuana plants for themselves or another person over the age of 21. This means that two people can independently grow 24 plants in total. They need an enclosed, locked area for their plants, which cannot be in plain sight from public places. You can grow plants in your basement, but they must be enclosed. Most of these plants must be grown indoors and cannot be grown anywhere in public view. The new bill also says that the plants cannot be visible from the public areas of your property. This means that the plants can’t be visible if you have a fence around your house, although they can be seen from an adjacent property.

How Much Can People Grow For Themselves Under The New michigan medical marijuana bill?

Under the new bill, people over 21 will be allowed to grow 12 marijuana plants at home but cannot display them publicly. This means they can grow them in their kitchens, basements, or another off-limits place within their homes. No matter how many people live in a household, all 12 plants must be grown separately and cannot be grown side by side for anyone, not over the age of 21. This means that six plants must be growing separately for each person who is 21 or older. But all 12 plants can grow in a single place and be grown by one person.

When Can A Person Use Their Marijuana Plants Under The New Bill?

The new michigan medical marijuana bill will allow people to use their marijuana plants starting in October 2017 instead of December 2017. People will also be allowed to carry 2.5 ounces of marijuana at once. You can only have 15 ounces in their homes instead of 2.5 ounces in public and 10 ounces at home. They will also allow people with the right to grow independently under the current law to keep growing the same amount of marijuana until 2021. The law also allows people to buy and use edibles starting in 2020. This means that people will have access to grow their plants but will still be able to purchase edibles from dispensaries once they are allowed in the market.

How Did The New michigan medical marijuana bill Get Pass?

The bill passed because of many changes that were done to it by the House version of the bill. Due to issues with a portion of the original bill that would have allowed dispensaries, this was changed to enable more independent cultivators. The other reason it was passed is because of many issues with it being too restrictive on how much could be grown on a person’s property. The original michigan medical marijuana bill had a cap of 5 plants, but that was changed to 12, the same number allowed in Colorado.

What Are Some Of The Other Changes That Will Be Made Under The New Bill?

The new bill also makes several other changes that have to do with medical marijuana and the rules for it. These changes include changing the log for how much usable marijuana people can possess in their homes from 10 ounces to 15 ounces. It also allows caregivers over 21, in some cases, to possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana on behalf of patients under 21. It is also making it legal for patients over 21 to get reimbursed by their insurance companies for some medical marijuana products.

How Will All These Changes Impact The Price Of Cannabis In Michigan?

Because of how much more people will be able to grow for themselves under the new michigan medical marijuana bill. There is expected to be a massive increase in retail prices across the state. But because medical marijuana can now be bought by people who don’t need a prescription. That also means that there will be an increase in demand and, therefore, a higher price. Prices might vary depending on where you live and the type of medicine you get because different strains have different effects on people and can have different THC levels. Also, it depends on what kind of strain you choose and whether you are getting it through a dispensary or growing your own.


The new michigan medical marijuana bill passed because it was more representative of what the people wanted, and they felt it was better than the original version. People were also concerned that dispensaries would place too much of a restriction on where cultivators could grow and also cut into their market share, which is precisely what happened to Colorado by instituting new rules for their market. The new bill also allows more than the legal amount of marijuana to be grown and smoked, which will result in higher sales. Because there will be more people who want to sell or use marijuana products with no restrictions on where they can go or how much they can buy.

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