zamora california: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Well, I was going to say the same thing for the last two sentences, but I’m not really sure that’s the case. If you’re like me, you’ve heard about zamora california, the new California-themed restaurant in Seattle and you’re like “OMG, I wish I lived there!” Well, I lived there in the summer of 2011, and it was a wonderful experience.

It’s a little too early to write about the restaurant, but the new restaurant is the brainchild of Seattle restaurateur and chef Alex Zammatulli. The name is a play on zammatulli.

zammatulli came up with the idea when he was working in the kitchen at the Seattle restaurant he owned.

While the restaurant itself is new, the dishes that have come out of the chef’s kitchen have been some of the freshest and most exciting dishes I’ve ever tried. The menu is still a work in progress, but I promise I will be posting some reviews in the next few weeks.

Zammatulli, who is pretty well-known in his native country, has been a restaurateur since the early 2000s. He is also the creator of the restaurant chain, Zammatulli’s. He has also written a book called “Taste of the Northwest,” a book about cooking from the perspective of a native. His restaurant, The Bistro, opened in Seattle last year.

The menu in Zammatulli’s Bistro is actually pretty good. I don’t think I have ever had so many different types of pasta, vegetables, and fish in so many different types of dishes. It’s also very nice. The prices are also reasonable, and I think there may be some vegetarian options.

Zammatullis has a very nice website, with reviews and things like that. They have a great location in Seattle, and its worth checking out if you are in the area.

I think the restaurant is great. I like the idea of a restaurant that doesn’t have a theme. I think it could be fun to dine out on a certain day, and then not even see the menu, so to speak. I also think that people would really enjoy that because they don’t have to wait in line to get a table.

If you’re not afraid to do your own research on a restaurant, zammatullis is also great for that. The only thing is that I think there is a lot of hype afoot. I mean I’m sure people are going to be happy to know that zammatullis is a vegetarian, but I just dont know if that’s going to turn into a huge number of people going there.

zammatullis is a vegan restaurant based in Los Angeles. I believe in this company, but it’s not an easy one to find. Not to mention that their location is an hour away from where I live. So the only way to order is by phone. I would recommend calling the restaurant to see if they have any specific restaurants in the area, but you can also go to zammatullis online. If you want to get a table, I recommend booking in advance.

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